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Rapid Demonstrator®

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in just 15 Working Days

Rapid Prototyping Service based on over 50 pre-defined building blocks


Your project is in a concept phase or requires a feasibility check and you need a prototype? Take advantage of Phytec’s Rapid Project Service. We will manufacture a close-to-series-production prototype in 15 working days based on industrial building blocks with startup guarantee for a fixed price of 990 Euro.
We can also get you Rapid Schematics for your project for 50 Euro in two working days. 

Your Prototype within a few Clicks

Please select your desired functionalities from over 50 pre-defined building blocks in our online configurator. The building blocks are separated in three zones for placement on the PCB: connector, placement and extension. The building block sequence or layout within the connector zone can specified at the time of input. The PCB format results from the type and number of functionalities. There are three standardized PCB formats to choose from.

PCB size 100 x 160, EUR 990,-

PCB size 100 x 200, EUR 990,-

PCB size 100 x 240, EUR 990,- 

Hardware and Package

Within 15 working days you will receive your custom Rapid Demonstrator prototype including mounted System on Module, pre-installed Bootloader and modified operating system. (When ordering till 2pm on Friday. We will always start working on your order on Monday mornings.) Phytec’s Rapid Demonstrator service includes schematics, layout, PCB production, population, startup and necessary Linux Board Support Package modifications.

Currently, our rapid prototypes are based on the powerful phyCORE-i.MX6 SOM with ARM Cortex-A9 architecture. The Quadcore SOM offers 1GHz cores, 1 GB RAM and 1 GB Flash. It also features a microSD-card holder, boot switch, reset button and a serial debug interface. A debug adapter with micro-USB socket for displaying console messages on an external PC is included. We will send you credentials for a FTP server, for accessing design documentation and downloading software.

Accessories and Functional Expansions

Phytec’s Rapid Demonstrator Service can be enhanced with various accessories and additional services such as supported displays and power adapters, connectors, housing prototypes and workshops as well as support programs. Get in touch for more information!

Online Configurator

Our online configurator lets you design your custom Rapid Demonstrator prototype with just a few clicks.

Please contact our Rapid Project service hotline for all questions, suggestions or special requests: +49 (0) 6131 / 9221-777. Or contact us here.