Customizable SOMs


PHYTEC Off-the-shelf SOMs can be modified according to application requirements. Certain functionalities can be eliminated or RAM and Flash sizes can be changed. Custom software can also be designed. Depending on the amount of modification, PHYTEC distinguishes between modified SOMs, customized SOMs and custom products.

Cost Efficiency

Customized SOMs are usually cost-efficient from production volumes of 500 units.  PHYTEC has developed a software that identifies placement overlaps between various customer projects and then combines them efficiently during placement. This results in shorter set-up times, efficient production processes and cost-efficiency for all PHYTEC customers.

Long-term Availability

PHYTEC strives to ensure the long-term availability of our products and regard this as one of our most important duties as a reliable supplier of embedded solutions. In case of a component discontinuation, we will provide a suitable replacement.

See our Product Change Notification System for more details.

Component Discontinuation

PHYTEC will make changes to components or software if there are no functional changes to customer products such as in the case of a discontinued part. PHYTEC’s product change notification system is designed to ensure that changes affecting form, fit, or function of products, product obsolescence, product specification, and development tools are automatically communicated to our customers.

We notify customers that have bought off-the-shelf SOMs and custom SOMs. In case of larger purchase volumes or in order to adhere to certain conditions as in the case of medical devices or automobile equipment, PHYTEC can assign your product an individual part number. PHYTEC will assign a certain amount of parts in our BoM and will make them available for the customer that has filled out the KSM- / KSP form. This is then considered a custom product.

Custom Packaging

PHYTEC can help you find a custom solution for packaging and labels. Production at headquarters in Mainz, Germany allows us to be very flexible.