phyNODE®-ePaper 1

phyNODE-ePaper 1 is based on a phyWAVECC2650 and can be integrated into existing networks BLE or IEEE802.15.4|6LowPAN. It also has a user-configurable button, temperature sensor as well as a proximity sensor. We designed it with energy efficiency in mind in order to ensure operation with a button cell or a lithium cell in AA format. Therefore, the graphical ePaper display only uses energy during the updating process.

Once the content is displayed, phyNODE-ePaper 1 can be switched off for a configurable amount of time. Exemplary uses for ePaper Node are configurable name tags, price tags or information items for building automation.

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phyNODE-ePaper 1 with phyWAVE-CC26xx
Serial Price € 30,00