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USB Kamera

  • Monochrom
  • W-VGA
  • CMOS-Sensor MT9V024
  • Global-Shutter
  • C/CS-Mount
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USB Camera

  • Monochrome
  • W-VGA
  • CMOS sensor MT9V024
  • Global-Shutter
  • C/CS-Mount


  • CMOS image sensor, monochrome
  • Resolution up to W-VGA (744 x 480), can be adjusted via software
  • Ultra compact metal housing
  • Can be triggered externally (AK089)
  • Windows- and Linux compatible

USB-CAM USB camera can easily connect to any computer with USB port. No extensive installation of additional hardware is required. The included cable offers power supply and transmits data.

Due to the the ultra compact metal housing with dimensions of 36 x 36 x 25 (mm) the camera can be mounted in almost all areas. The camera can be mounted by the four M3 threads or the included flange on 1/4" or M6. The mounting holes are on all four sides of the camera so that it can be mounted almost anywhere. 

The camera has a Global Shutter to picture fast object distortion free. The high rate rate of up to 60 fps can increase to up to 150 fps when reducing the read out area (ROI).

The camera can be used with a Microsoft Windows or Linux machine. For Linux PCs please order the Linux version "-UVC" (Example: "AK087-UVC").

All USB cameras are available with external trigger input.

- Trigger cable USB-CAM (Hirose 4-pin on BNC):

  • WK297, length = 3m

Technische Daten

Model USB-CAM-003H
Color / monochrom monochrom
Optical format 1/3"
Sensor technology CMOS
Sensorchip Aptina MT9V024
Pixel size 6 µm x 6 µm
Color format Y8
Lens holder C/CS-Mount
Frame Rate 60 fps to 150 fps
Dynamic Range 8 Bit
Shutter-Typ global
Responsivity 4.8 V/lux-sec
Interface USB 2.0 High Speed
Shutter speed 1/10.000 to 1/4 sec
Feature (optional) -
Operating temperature -5°C to 45°C
Dimensions (mm) 36x36x25
Mounting points 1/4", on all sides

Pricing plus VAT

USB-CAM-003H € 220,00